Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Did you do a Summer Internship?

Hi CCB majors:
I need your help!
This summer, a group of CCB students earned internship credit by completing approved internships and the CCB internship course. I have a record of those students. Now I am interested in hearing from students who completed a summer business internship but DID NOT receive credit. If you completed a noncredit summer internship that you either found on your own or heard about on our Internship blog, please respond by email ( to me with the following information:
Your Name:
Your Major:
Where you interned (name of company or agency):
How you learned of the opportunity:
Please type this in the Subject line of your email: Did you do an internship this summer?
This will be very useful information for me. If you have additional comments, please include those also. I am particularly interested in any leads for this academic year or even next summer. So if you have a contact name and email you can refer to me, which would be great also. However, most importantly, I want to understand where you worked this summer. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Professor Griffin