Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Planning office Internship (Paid) Spring 2014 Semester

Internship Description

The Fairhaven Office of Planning and Economic Development provides planning services to the Town of Fairhaven in areas such as land use, zoning, and community development.  Fairhaven is a community of approximately 16,000 residents located on Buzzards Bay, about twenty minutes east from the UMass Dartmouth campus.

Overview of the internship/co-op objectives:  The internship will provide support to the Fairhaven Office of Planning and Economic Development as well as the consulting team in the implementation of the Town’s 2012 and 2013 CDBG Grants, which consist of infrastructure improvement projects and a housing rehabilitation program.  The intern will also assist the Planning Department in preparing its’ 2014 CDBG application.

Job Title:  Planning Intern

WHO we’re looking for & Job Description: 
This is a Clerical Position for Sophmores and Juniors.  Business Majors with a 3.0 or above.  Strong computer skills, must be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Strong analytic skills, self-directed, detail oriented.  Coursework in one of these areas desirable: marketing, finance, public administration, environmental policy or accounting.  

Compensation:  $10/hour plus reimbursement for travel and travel expenses incurred as part of the job. 

Hours of work:  Monday-Friday: 8:30–4:30. Hours-20/maximum (flex Hrs)   

Start Date: Jan-(Mid), 2014.  End Date: This is a year round part-time position.

To whom should students send resume/application and how?  Mr. William D. Roth, Jr., Fairhaven Planning Director, at or Mail to Planning Department - 40 Center Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719.

Deadline for submitting resume/application:  Friday, January 3, 2014..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

State Street Summer Internships

We recently hosted an information session given by Richard Curtis of State Street Bank.  He mentioned that the
deadline for  summer internships at State Street Boston is quickly approaching (12/31/2013).

If you have an interest, you should apply NOW (through the State Street job portal - see link below).

These are the areas:
Global Operations (81081)
Investment Services (82265)
Corporate Finance (81120)
Information Technology (TBD) 
Application Deadline
December 31, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


ATTENTION Dec. 2013 Graduates.

State Street Corporation Presentation
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business
4:00 - 6:00  pm; CCB 115 (large conference room on first floor near Dean's Office)

Spring 2014 grads who are interested in State Street Corporation are also invited but space is limited.

CPA firm Internship Spring 2014


Candidate needed to fill a junior staff position in a well-established certified public accounting firm. This is a tax season assistant to input individual tax returns into professional tax software. Direct supervision and training by an experienced partner. The partner interviews the clients and scripts computer input sheets for the junior staff person to enter and perform first review of printed tax returns. Candidate will receive training on individual tax laws including small business and fixed assets.  Preference given to junior and senior accounting majors.

Eligible candidate is required to have completed at least one tax course and be needed to work at a minimum of 25 hours per week. The starting date will be January 31, 2014 through March 31 with training hours prior to start date.

The deadline to respond to this position will be December 21, 2013.

Send resumes to:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

State Street Corporation Presentation


ATTENTION Dec. 2013 Graduates.

State Street Corporation Presentation
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business
4:00 - 6:00  pm; CCB 115 (large conference room on first floor near Dean's Office)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Message from a former student on job searching

Here's a great message from a former student and a very useful blog entry she wrote.  "Learn from those who have already bee in the battle!"  MPG

Hi Professor Griffin,

I am a former student of UMD. I graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in Business Operations Management. I didn't get a chance to take one of your classes, but I did do an internship that you approved.

I wrote a blog post on 6 Things I wish I knew about job search in college on a very informative website: and I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing it with your students.

I think it would be very beneficial for seniors especially. In return, I would be happy to discuss my post with anyone who is interested.

Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing my post.

I would greatly appreciate it!

Nadia Kuznets

Preparation for State Street Bank Information Session

If you are a senior who anticipates graduating Dec 2013 and have a 3.0 GPA and will be attending the info session for State Street Bank this week, please review the following message from Jane Staples who is helping coordinating this event.

Reminder to attend the State Street Bank Info Session
When:  Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
Time:  4:00 - 6:00 PM
Where:  Charlton College of Business, Room 115

Please review all of the information in this email.........

If you haven't emailed your resume to Jane Staples in the Career Development Center, do so immediately.

Make sure you have prepared in advance by visiting their website - read, read, read and read again.

Prepare questions in advance.  Examples...
What is the orientation and training process like?
Can you explain the organization's structure and work environment?
What are the organization's strengths and weaknesses compared to its competition?
What are the various ways employees communicate with one another to carry out their work?
How would you describe an ideal employee?
What skills, qualifications and attributes do you value most?
What would make a new employee successful on the job?
What do most new hires like most about working for State Street Bank?
What would you say are the top two personality traits someone needs to do their job well?
What would you say is the most important aspect of your company's culture?
What is the process for advancement in your company?
Once I submit my resume, how will the hiring process proceed?

If you are interested in career opportunities with State Street, we recommend that you dress for this Info Session as if you were going for an interview.  Please follow the guidelines below.

Image Is Important!



Wear a dark, solid-colored suit Wear a suit: pantsuit or skirt suit in a dark color
A white long-sleeved shirt The suit should fit well, but never be too tight.
Choose a conservative tie When wearing a skirt, no more than 2" above the knee
Belt should match shoes Short-sleeved jackets are not as powerful
Laced shoes are the most traditional Never wear anything sleeveless that is visible.
Solid, dark-colored socks Conservative, well-fitting blouse (no cleavage)
Undershirt is a must. Wear neutral, skin-tone shade of hosiery
A nice watch, class ring or wedding ring Classic pump-style shoe is best (no sandals).
No backpacks; carry a message bag or portfolio Minimum jewelry, make-up and perfume

Conservative hairstyle, pulled back if longer

Jane N. Staples, Director
Experiential Learning & Internship Development
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Career Development Center

Friday, December 6, 2013

ATTENTION SENIORS: State Street Bank Presentation

Richard Curtis of State Street Corporation will be at the Charlton College of Business, Room 115,  on Wednesday, December 11 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm to discuss current employment opportunities with qualified CCB, CAS and COE students.

Here's a link to a blog entry with more details on State Street Bank's interest in recruiting UMD students:;postID=7096357076831046402;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname

Seniors: State Street Bank Job Opportunities

If you are on schedule to graduate this December 2013, you may be interested in opportunities with State Street Bank.  We have recently learned of immediate hiring plans of the financial services giant (in Boston )and want to make our Dec. grads aware of these entry-level jobs.  If you have at least a 3.0 GPA, have leadership skills, can communicate well, and are self-motivated, you may qualify for these positions.  We are in the process of arranging an on campus information session for the very near future (hopefully within a week).  

NOTE: IF YOU ARE A SENIOR WHO WILL BE GRADUATING IN SPRING 2014 and are interested, you may want to watch for an announcement for an on-campus  State Street Bank information session projected to be held in mid-Dec 2013.  Watch this blog for details.

If you are interested, please send your resume to Ms. Jane Staples, UMD Internship Director: Jane will be coordinating the collection and review of resumes for State Street. If you already have a resume in the UMD CareerLink System, then please send Jane an email to let her know that you would like your resume to be considered for these specific opportunities. 
I must emphasize that if you are interested, please act as soon as possible (to submit a resume) and it would be best if you could submit your resume TODAY or no later than Monday December 9, 2013.  This is a fast moving opportunity so please respond quickly. We hope to notify you of an on campus information session to be conducted by State Street Bank in the very near future (as early as next week) as soon as we learn of those details.

Below are the job descriptions that we received from State Street.

Accounting / Pricing Specialist
Accounting / Pricing specialist will support and assist Client Operations and other operational Shared Service teams/COE’s by performing daily maintenance of accounting books and records of assigned regulated investment companies in conformity with company policy as well as the rules, regulations and tax laws that apply.  Candidate will ensure prompt follow up on exception situations and facilitate timely problem resolution to mitigate risk to the corporation and deliver excellent service to clients.

Bank Loan Specialist
Bank Loan Specialists support and assist Client Operations and other operational Shared Service teams/COE’s by monitoring and processing custody related events to the fund’s records accurately and timely.  Ensure prompt follow up on exception situations and facilitate timely problem resolution to mitigate risk to the corporation and deliver excellent service to clients.

Client Operations Administrator
Client Operations Administrator acts as point of contact for operational activities and client inquiries.  They ensure that the net asset values of the client’s portfolios are accurately calculated and disseminated in a timely manner.  Ensure prompt follow up on exception situations and facilitate timely problem resolution to mitigate risk to the corporation and deliver excellent service to clients.

Custody Specialist
The Custody Specialist will support and assist Client Operations and other operational Shared Service teams/COE’s by monitoring and processing custody related events to the fund’s records accurately and timely.  Ensure prompt follow up on exception situations and facilitate timely problem resolution to mitigate risk to the corporation and deliver excellent service to clients.

Fund Administrator
Fund Administrators are responsible for preparing fund financial statements, maintaining security details in fund reporting and supporting expense budgeting and analysis. The fund administrator is also responsible for requesting and printing various client-related reports and may be asked to assist with reconciliations and board reports when necessary. 

Income Specialist
Income Specialists support and assist Client Operations and other Shared Service teams/COE’s by monitoring and processing corporate (exchanges, merger, tenders etc.) and income events to the accounting records accurately and timely.  Ensure prompt follow up on exception situations and facilitate timely problem resolution to mitigate risk to the corporation along with delivering excellent service to clients.
Tax Administrator Tax Administrators perform mutual fund tax reporting functions in a manner that ensures fund objectives. This position offers individual learning about all aspects of tax administration. Day-to-day functions include the preparation of simple federal, state and city income and franchise tax returns for mutual fund clients; the understanding of the Fund Accounting System to compile audit and tax work papers and returns, and the knowledge of IRS tax laws. Tax administrators will also review IRS compliance packages prepared by Fund Administration. 

WMS Client Representative
Working in a team environment, the successful candidate will oversee operations activities performed offshore and provide oversight to offshore team for Cash Operations on both SEI and Global Plus Accounting Platforms.  In this role, they will work closely with Client Service, other operational COEs & our offshore team to ensure operational controls are in place, money movements are processing accurately and timely on the DDAs and other various operational cash activities are being performed.

It is our understanding that State Street does hire from all academic disciplines but we have also received the following information regarding what they are looking for in job candidates:

• Strong analytical, reconcilement and organizational skills

• Deadline- and detail-oriented; ability to work in a fast-paced, structured and team-based environment, as well as independently

• Competency in MS Office,capacity to learn new technology/systems

• Professionalism, dependability and trustworthiness

• Demonstrated leadership activities

• Sucessfully completed the requirements for a BS/BA Degree in Finance, Business, Economics, or Accounting desired (but not required) and available to work full time starting in January 2014
At this particular time, this is all we know about these potential opportunities and would recommend that if you have an interest - send Jane Staples your resume and if contacted, make sure you can attend the information session (to be announced). 

NOTE: As with all job opportunities, learn as much about the organization, the positions, the potential for advancement, etc.  Be sure to have a well done resume, prepare for success if called for an interview, do your research on the company, and seek help from the UMD Career Development Center (located in the Campus Center behind the MASS PASS office).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

RGS Energy- Marketing Intern

RGS Energy- Marketing Intern 
We are looking for an intern to work with our sales and marketing team assisting with business development, market research, and marketing events. Position allows for office, meeting, and field environments. The student selected will help develop and execute a marketing plan for an energy program running in Dartmouth and local towns. Looking for exceptional junior or senior students who are pursuing a career in the nonprofit or energy industries. Specific responsibilities may include: Market Research Implement market survey Transfer data to CRM Survey analysis Assess and improve communication channels Business Development Research and target partners Establish partners Develop goals and marketing plans with partners Use CRM data to track success in marketing plans Event Marketing Develop and execute events to drive company brand awareness Set and meet goals Work with partners and organizations for locations, volunteers, and resourcing Ideal candidates are motivated, dependable, excellent time managers, outgoing, highly analytical, energetic, flexible, able to work in a fast paced environment and maximize resources. They are proficient in excel, word, and may have some experience with InDesign. They are driven, ask questions, and have a “I can get it done” attitude.

Contact Kara Basque at with cover letter and resume. Starting end of January through April, part time (10-20 hours a week) with potential to hire after completion evaluation. RGS Energy is a Real Goods Solar Company. A publicly traded company on NASDAQ under RSOL, they have been a leader in the solar industry since 1978, and have operated in New England since 1981. They are known for their quality engineering work and flexible financing options, making solar affordable for homeowners. They have helped over 700 homes go solar in Massachusetts, with a number of local residential and commercial installs in Dartmouth. Our vision is to ensure a healthy future by reducing the human ecological footprint on Earth.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tax Return Prep/VITA Intern - Spring 2014 Semester

Job Title: Business Internship for Credit: Volunteer in Tax Assistance (VITA)
Purpose:  The VITA intern at the Community Economic Development Center will support the VITA Site coordinator and VITA volunteers to maintain an efficient and accurate VITA Site. 
Location:  The CEDC office at 1285 Acushnet Ave. in New Bedford.

Key Responsibilities:
1.       VITA interns will help manage  the Quality Review  process to ensure accurate tax return filing

2.       Work with VITA volunteers to provide information  answer tax questions

3.       Work with the VITA Site coordinator to file and electronically transmit tax returns in a timely manner.
4.       Troubleshoot and correct electronic filing errors or contact tax filers for missing information

5.       Qualify for  Intermediate level or beyond in the Link and Learn Training Materials

6.       Supervise VITA Volunteers during tax filing hours and at  off-site Tax Preparation events
Volunteer will report to:  VITA Site Coordinator
Length of Commitment:   Spring Semester
Time Commitment:  135 hours over spring semester.  Mostly completed between January and April 15th about 13 hrs/ week.

Qualifications:  Eligible Candidates for the VITA internship must have good communication skills, details oriented, work well under pressure, be reliable, and work well in team environments.  Preferred candidates are Accounting Majors with prior VITA experience, Spanish and/ or Portuguese language skills, access to a vehicle.

Organizational Support:  Interns will be  IRS-certified Link and Learn Training system to learn new tax law , accurate tax preparation and Quality Review Process. Interns will receive direct supervision from VITA Site Coordinator and the Executive Director at the CEDC.   Updates to procedures and new law will be posted as needed. 
Please send resumes and cover letters by December 9th at 10:00 AM and interviews will be held on December 10th for more information email Brian Pastori at or call 508-979-4684