Monday, November 24, 2008

Boston Bruins Internships: Communications

I came upon this Boston Bruin's internship. It seems that it might make sense a business major (preferably marketing) who is interested in hockey and who has solid writing skills.

Click this this link to apply:

Communications Internship (Spring 2009) - Boston Bruins (Boston, MA)

The Boston Bruins Communications Internship is a position that fulfills a variety of roles within the Bruins Communications Department. Interns will gain experience working in the Public Relations, Media Relations, and Communications aspects of the department. Essential duties are as follows:

- Compiling press clippings for distribution to Bruins management and
coaching staff
- Compiling stat packets for distribution to Bruins management and
coaching staff
- Authoring feature stories for the Boston Bruins website,
- Assisting in the gameday media operations for all Boston Bruins home
- Coordinating interviews between members of the local and national
media and Bruins players
- Transcribing coach and player interviews for distribution to local media
- Working with the Bruins Communications staff to create and develop
pitches to publicize the Bruins players, staff and organization
- Assisting in the media operations of the NHL Draft including research
of prospects and drafted players, coordinating interviews with drafted
players, authoring biographies of drafted players and authoring feature
stories on (Summer only)
- Assisting in the media operations of the Bruins Development Camp- a
week-long camp for Bruins prospects and draft picks. This will include
coordinating interviews with players and local/national media, authoring
biographies of attendees, transcribing coach and player interviews after
practices and authoring feature stories on (Summer only)

This is a writing-intensive position as prospective candidates will publish stories on the Boston Bruins website and should possess strong writing backgrounds. Candidates must be organized, responsible, punctual and have flexible schedules to work some nights and all Bruins home
games during the time of the internship.

We accept resumes on a rolling basis. Please specify which internship you are applying for in your cover letter (spring, summer, fall). The schedule is as follows:

January-May (spring, application deadline 12/20)
May-August (summer, application deadline 4/1)
September-December (fall, application deadline 8/1)

All Bruins Communications Internships are for college credit only and are unpaid.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Land an Internship

Top 10 Ways to Find an Internship

Here are some ideas, in a top 10 list format, of how you might find an internship. You may need several approaches to landing an internship.

Also keep in mind that if you want credit for an internship, you need our approval. You must meet certain criteria and you must complete the internship course. Our web page has the details:

10. Blasting out resumes – if you know of a company or a nonprofit that you would like to intern for, send them your resume. It is best if you have a contact name at the company but if you don't send it to the
HR department. You might think about scanning job sites like or UMD's eRecruiting system for ideas. There are also lists of top 10 employers in various categories. For example, you can find a list on the
Internet or through a publication called the Providence Business News, that lists the top ten CPA firms in Rhode Island. I know a student who sent resumes to the top five CPA firm, landed an internship and then
eventually got an excellent job offer. If you find an internship that way, we can work with you to shape it into a for-credit-internship. Some tips – sending a resume via email is fine if you have a contact name. It will probably be a waste of time to send a resume to a blind HR email.

Your email attachment (resume) should be accompanied by an email message that would be similar to a cover letter – but keep it brief.

9. , Yahoo, Monster – You must harness the Net to your advantage – especially if you are looking for internships from out of the 50 mile radius of UMD. Fortune magazine recently called Vault "The best place on the Web to prepare for a job search." The site has videos on top rated internships. is another place to search for internships. Use the keyword: Internship and search for a specific state: (i.e., MA).

MonsterTRAK is the leading website for college students and alumni to find jobs, internships and part-time work during school and after graduation. In addition to targeted job postings, the site features a range of career management resources including job search tips, alumni networks and more.

Go to (

Select State: Massachusetts.

Select University: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Click Search Now.

8.– Indeed is another internet resource/search engine that I have had luck with. I list it as a separate Top 10 List Item because I know of students who have used Indeed to their advantage. With Indeed,
you can conduct keyword searches such as: "Marketing Internship, Boston, MA" and get listings of all postings with those keywords that have recently hit the Internet. And here's the best part, you can specify to
have send you email alerts when job postings with your keywords hit the net. I receive emails from almost every day notifying me of internships in Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc. Sometimes some very interesting opportunities are discovered.

7. eRecruiting – As many of you know, the Career Resource Center subscribes to a service call eRecruiting. It is a job and career planning portal that is run by a Boston-based firm called Experience Inc. eRecruiting is the standard used by many colleges and universities through the US. Bryant University relies heavily on eRecruiting to post internships opportunities and to help their students and grads find jobs and excellent internships. You need to know how to log onto eRecruiting and how to effectively search for internships that make sense for you.

eRecruiting not only offers you local information but it can be used to search all over the country and abroad, for internship opportunities. Investing time in eRecruiting can pay off! Contact Anthony Baird or Betty Goodine in our Career Resource Center if you need help with eRecruiting. The log on link to the portal is:

6. The Washington Center – UMD has a great relationship with the Washington Center, the premier provider of internships in Washington, DC. Twice a year a Washington Center representative visits UMD to discuss their excellent programs. TWC helps you find internships in government, nonprofits, and the profit sectors in DC. Robbin Roy, Associate Director of the Career Resource Center, is our campus liaison for TWC. If you are interested in TWC, visit their web site: <> and then talk to Robbin. She can tell you about the costs involved, scholarships that are available, logistics etc.

5. A faculty member – Let your favorite faculty member know that you're looking for an internship. Go see them during office hours or mention it after class. Sometimes timing and luck is better than being smart! Just kidding …. But there is some truth to the idea that you might be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes a faculty member will have just heard about a project, job, or internship that might be a great match.

4. Friends and Family, UMD Alumni, etc. – Use all your contacts to find an internship. Who do mom, dad, uncle Charlie, Auntie Edna, the CPA next door, etc. work for and can they help get you into an internship?
Learn how to network. That's where some great opportunities will be born. The CRC is sponsoring a session called "Networking 101". Check out the CRC web site for more details. Our accounting majors are real good
at using networks to find internships. They start with their families and make contacts through their involvement in the Accounting Association. If you join a club and hear a speaker who is interesting, ask the speaker about internships, get their business card etc. There are so many opportunities to get the word out that you are looking for an internship. You need an army of contacts on your side. UMD Alumni also like to help. If you know an alum who works in an area or a company that interests you, talk to them about internships. Students have also landed internships through local temp agencies

3. Referrals from peers who have completed internships – Listen to your peers. If a student has had a good internship, ask them for a contact person or if they know if another position is open. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to land an internship and the best part is that you can probably trust your peer's perception of whether it was a good experience.

2. Local nonprofits – Don't ignore local nonprofits. Many are eager to get some good interns on board. Southcoast Hospital Group is the largest employer in the region and they have shown great interest in getting
some CCB students in as interns. The New Bedford Whaling Museum, Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, CEDC (VITA Program), the Fall River and New Bedford Chambers of Commerce, etc. have all either utilized CCB
interns in the past or would like to do so. Nonprofits usually don't pay interns (although a small minority does). Especially during these tough economic times, a nonprofit might be your best bet for an excellent
internship experience.

1. The Internship Blog and emails – As many of you know, I receive internship announcements from local companies and I usually send targeted emails to junior and seniors. For example, if I know of a CPA firm internship, accounting juniors and seniors get the email. Marketing internships get sent to marketing majors and so on. Just about all emails also get posted on the Internship Blog:

Make it a habit to check the blog for current listings but all check out the archives of the blog for all postings and if there is anything there that seems of interest, don't hesitate to send a quick email to the contact person to see if an internship might be available and if not, when one might come open.

Here is a tip about responding to any internship postings: good things happen when you respond quickly with a well done resume. Internships are competitive situations. We don't "place" students into internships, you must "land the internship" by sending a resume, getting an interview, and making a good impression. If you need help with your resume ask the folks at the CRC for help, get a knowledgeable family member or friend
to review it or a respected faculty member. If you don't have a resume yet, check out the Optimal Resume portal available through the CRC. It is excellent and can also help you with cover letters. I have used it
several times to help students and it is a great tool. If you need help with Optimal Resume, contact CRC – but it is quite easy to use and simple to log onto.

Good luck hunting for internships.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have come upon another web site where internship positions are posted. I haven't had time to fully explore what it offers but thought I would send it out for all to see. The address is:

Also, I will soon send out my list of the top things to do to find an internship. Watch for that email!

Entertainment related Internships/Marketing

If you are interested in the entertainment industry you might take a look at these internship opportunities at Mass Appeal.

Finance Leader Development Program

I came upon this posting for a full-time position in a Finance Leader Development program with a public company in Massachusetts. Any finance or accounting student graduating in December or even May might look into this. Here's the link:

Digital Marketing Intern: Framingham, MA

Digital Marketing Intern
The intern is primarily responsible for projects central to the department's marketing communications programs including updating content on the corporate and U.S. Web sites, supporting external promotions (e-newsletter, print and online advertising and direct marketing) and basic research/fact checking .

Responsibilities include:

* Format and distribute the daily press summary to more than 100 IDG
executives and colleagues. Identify stories to be included in the
summary using Factiva.

* Updating information in our corporate Web site,
<>. Projects will include posting press
releases and IDG news coverage on a regular basis and
designing/creating/populating any additional Web pages that need
to be added to the site. The intern will learn the basics of HTML
and flash to update the site.

* Posting content to our U.S. based Web site
<> using Adobe Photoshop and

* Support current marketing communications program efforts.

* Collect and analyze online analytics in conjunction with our
marketing communications efforts.

This internship will provide valuable experience in activities at the heart of corporate marketing communications. The individual will work independently as well as with a small team and be expected to be a
contributor to weekly projects.

Skills Required

Applicants must have demonstrated experience with Microsoft Excel (workbooks and databases), Microsoft Word, and experience with using the Web as a research tool. Dreamweaver, HTML, Lotus Notes, and Photoshop are a plus. Professional demeanor, ability to work in corporate environment and strong organizational skills are also required. Interest in a range of marketing communications disciplines (Marketing, Web, writing, design), is desired.

Work Schedule

This internship is for up to 24 hours a week. The internship would begin after January 1st and conclude at the end of the spring (with the possibility of continuing through the summer.) The internship may continue for the entire school depending on performance and availability. Schedule is negotiable.

$10 per hour

*About IDG:*
About International Data Group
International Data Group (IDG) is the world's leading technology media, events, and research company. IDG's online network includes more than 450 web sites spanning business technology, consumer technology, digital entertainment and video games worldwide. IDG also publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers in 85 countries. IDG's media brands include CIO, CSO, Computerworld, GamePro, InfoWorld/TecWorld/TecChannel, Macworld, Network World, and PC World. IDG's lead-generation service,
IDG Connect, matches technology companies with an audience of engaged, high-quality IT professionals, influencers, and decision makers.

IDG is a leading producer of more than 750 technology-related events including Macworld Conference & Expo, LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Entertainment for All Expo (E for All), DEMO, Storage Networking World, and IDC Directions. IDC, a subsidiary of IDG, is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events. Over 1,000 IDC analysts in more than 110 countries provide global, regional,
and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends.

Additional information about IDG, a privately held company, is available at

All product and company names are trademarks of their respective companies.

To apply, follow this link:

Internships at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Anyone interested in the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network may be interested in the email that I received today. See below:

Hi Everyone –

I just wanted to send out a final reminder that we have our final two internship informational sessions scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week!

If you have any students that are interested in our spring internship opportunity, this is their final opportunity to come and learn about this great program!

The dates and time are below, if you have any students that may be interested in attending, please have them RSVP to me! Thanks and have a great afternoon!

Monday, November 24 ^ th @ 1:30 pm

Tuesday, November 25 ^ th @ 11 am

Take Care,

Mia B. Viveiros
Director of Selection
275 Promenade St. Ste 300; Providence, RI 02908
Telephone 401-457-2936 & Fax 401-331-7009

UMD students should RSVP to the email above.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Worcester Summer Internships – I00020

Job Description
Unum is a company of people serving people. As one of the world’s leading employee benefits providers and a Fortune 500 company, Unum helps protect more than 25 million working people and their families in the event of illness or injury.

Headquartered in Chattanooga Tennessee, Unum has significant U.S. operations in Portland, Maine, Worcester, Massachusetts and Glendale, California with 35 field offices nationwide.

Anticipated 2009 Internships Located in Worcester

Benefit Operations Intern / Claims
IT Intern

Work for the leader in the disability-based employee benefits marketplace & in a professional office setting.

Internships where you can contribute as an individual & work as part of a team.

Opportunities to learn about departmental & corporate functions.

Competitive pay during a 10-12 week timeframe.

Earn college credit for your internship. Faculty/Hiring Manager pre-approvals are required.

Intern must be enrolled in an accredited 4 year college degree program
Prefer satisfactory completion of 2 years of college course work
Required GPA of 3.0 in major or overall GPA of 3.0
Must be proficient in MS Word and Excel software applications
Strong ability to work independently and be self directed on project work.
Must be in good academic standing with university / college.
All interns must complete a satisfactory background check in order to be hired.
Intern must be available to work approximately 40 hours per week during regular business hours
Monday — Friday 8am to 5pm. Manager will try to accommodate around student class schedule as best as possible.
Unum is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer regardless of a person's race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, military status, gender or sexual orientation.

To apply, use the link below:

Finance Internship: Cape Cod

Finance Internship - Cotuit, MA.

Interested candidates should send their resume to Bob Dorfman at the address at the end of this message. This is an unpaid internship and is available for the spring semester.

Dorfman Capital is an investment banking boutique specializing in tax credit finance. Through tax credit programs we provide equity capital for historic building rehabilitation, affordable housing and film production.

Please see for more background.

The intern will be exposed to all aspects of the business, with a focus on finding clients seeking to raise capital and matching them with suitable investment partners. Depending on interest and skill set we can structure the internship to meet the realistic goals of the intern. Primary responsibility will be researching new business prospects. This will involve online research and telephone follow- up.

Work hours are as follows: 4 hour per week with me in my office and 6 hours per week working independently on specified projects. Duration of internship is 90 days (semester and can fulfill the UMD 135 hours needed for credit). Internship is without pay and may develop into paying part time or full time position.

Criteria for selection: this position is ideal for an ambitious person who is eager to learn and be exposed to the world of finance. It could be a stepping stone to an internship or career in banking, real estate development or film production. Good academic credentials and computer skills are important. A successful competitive sports experience or some other expression of achievement and excellence is also important. Transportation to and from my office in Cotuit, MA is required.

Bob Dorfman
Dorfman Capital
Specialists in Tax Credit Finance
Tel: (508) 428-1791

Monday, November 17, 2008

Spring or Summer MKT internships with ZipCar

Have you heard of ZipCar? If not read this from the company:

Company: Zipcar

Location: 25 First Street

Cambridge,MA 02141

In the fall of 1999, our two Zipcar founders were sitting in a café, excited about a concept they had seen in Berlin while on vacation. Cars were parked around the city for members to drive by the hour instead of owning their own vehicles. They had a Eureka! moment (or maybe it was more like, "Duh! What an obvious idea.") They put an American spin on it - outfitting the cars with wireless technology, creating a hassle-free reservation system and strategically placing the cars around key cities and neighborhoods. In June of 2000 the first Zipcars were on the road. The masses could now drive cars by the hour or day - on their terms.

Today, tens of thousands of smiling drivers use Zipcars. In many neighborhoods, Zipcars are as ubiquitous as ATMs. Z2B (business) and personal drivers alike are loving the freedom and cost savings a Zipcar brings to their life - many have even achieved transportation nirvana. That's why over 40% of our customers have either sold their car or have stopped their purchasing decision. The revolution is underway, at least in the minds of members who no longer give a second thought to how they will get where they need to go. With a Zipcard in your pocket, a car is only a wireless signal away.

Zip Car is advertising marketing internships, to learn more, click on the following link:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

State Street Summer 2009 Internships

Check out this link to learn more about State Street's Boston, MA Summer Internships including Finance Internships.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finance Summer Internship with MetLife

I have come upon a very interesting summer finance internship (Paid)
with MetLife. Check out this link for more information and to apply

You must have completed at least 90 semester hours or the equivalent and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in a 4.0 scale. You must have an interest in the financial services industry. This internship is in collaboration with the American College and I can tell you from
experience that the program offered by the American College (ChFC and CLU) is top quality.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marketing Internship at the Standard Times

The Standard Times in New Bedford is recruiting a marketing intern for the Spring 2009 semester.

Position: Marketing Assistant/Intern

Reports to: Market Development Manager

Primary responsibilities:

Responsibilities include:
Basic copywriting and proofing of promotional material including brochures, online and in-paper ads.
Proactively organize and attend events designed to promote SouthCoast Media Group and its Web sites.

Act as coordinator for media sponsorships with local non profits and participate in community events as needed.

Working with creative services to develop marketing materials and online graphics.

Explore building relationships and partnerships with other website, media and organizations.
Seek opportunities and complete applications for contests and awards for SouthCoast Media group products.

Assist in the development of sales initiatives and program to build readership and marketing solutions for local businesses.

Ability to manager multiple projects including administrative tasks, in a fast-paced, deadline driven work environment.

Additional preferred skills include:
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Leslie Poulin at

This is an unpaid internship.

Internship with Nonprofit Foundation

Job Overview

Office Assistance

*Answer the phone

*Assist Executive Director with office needs: organizing files, clearing
out areas of the office (recycling supplies -- computers, old office
supplies, equipment)

*Help manage the flow of paper/communications from grantees.

*2) Research and Meeting Support/*

*a) Update Greater New Bedford Grantmaker Directory. b) Design and
draft New Bedford nonprofit directory.

/3) Skills Required/*

*Proficient with Mac databases, spreadsheets, email and the
Internet/website creation.

*Proven professional communication (oral and written) and research

*Independent workers.

Must have good writing skills

*/Reports to:/* Executive Director.
*/Start Date/ negotiable (10 weeks, Mon., Weds., Fri.: 9 - 5)

*/Stipend:/* $3,000 part-time (approx. $12/hour)

Serious candidates should resume and cover letter to Julie Early -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MIS temp position

PartyLite Worldwide is looking for an MIS student for a short-term paid project involving Access. They have created a data base in Access, but need someone to elevate it to a higher level. It needs simplification and probably some debugging/fixing. They anticipate that it will be a month long project. Open to different hours, some work from home. If you are interested, send your resume to Ann Robertson at

PartyLite Worldwide, Inc.
59 Armstrong Road
Plymouth,MA 02360