Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MIS Internship at Precix Inc. - a local company (Paid)
Job Title:   IT Coop /PC Support Technician                    
Department:      506-Data Center                    
Reports To:       MIS Manager                    
Pay Type:          Salary-Non-exempt                 
Prepared By:     Melanie Marcotte                      
Prepared Date:  October 16, 2014
Approved By:
Approved Date: 
Job Summary
Under general supervision, the PC Support Technician's role is to support and maintain computer systems, desktops, and peripherals. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal workstation performance. The person will also troubleshoot problem areas in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end user assistance where required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Configures and installs workstations and peripherals, and maintains ongoing usability of desktop computers, peripheral equipment and software within established standards and guidelines.
Works with Help Desk staff to resolve technical problems with desktop equipment and software as appropriate to determine and resolve problems received from end users.
Interact with numerous computer platforms in a multi-layered client server environment.
Accurately document instances of hardware failure, repair, installation, and removal.
Uses established Help Desk Ticketing System to respond to users' requests regarding computer software and hardware, and maintain the company’s hardware asset inventory and accurately document instances of hardware failure, repair, installation, and removal.
Works with Network System Analyst to identify areas needing upgrading: e.g., hardware and software.
Performs preventative maintenance and equipment repairs on all Company PC’s and peripherals.
A+ Certification
Network + Certifcation
MCP Certification
Education and/or Experience
A+ Certification
MCP Certification
Associates degree or equivalent training or experience
Minimum two years’ experience in IT, PC installation, maintenance and repair.
Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Technologies.
Physical Demands
Must be able to perform physical activities, such as, but not limited to, lifting heavy equipment (up to 50 lbs. unassisted), bending, standing, climbing or walking.
Skills Acquired
5S overview

Student would obtain real work experience in configuring and installing workstations and peripherals in a business setting; learn and further  develop interpersonal skills by interacting with a variety of individuals both within the company and vendors; acquire knowledge of a business's Help Desk Ticketing System and its process; and methods of ensuring optimal workstation performance.                 

Start and end dates: start as soon as possible and would end the date on which the formalPrimary supervisor and contact information: Melanie Marcotte, phone:  508-998-4279
Resumes and cover letters should be sent to Rosemary Borden at

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Techical Writer Internship (Paid)

Technical Writer Internship

Job Description

Nye Lubricants, Inc. is offering an internship as a Technical Writer. This person will

-          Research and write a variety of technical marketing materials, including but not limited to articles, newsletters, white papers, press releases, product sell sheets, and web copy.

-          Work closely with the Business Development Department staff, technical engineers, and Research and Development on various projects.

-          Interview various members of the company in order to collect relevant information and data on a specific topic.

Time Commitment & Compensation

We are willing to work with your schedule, but ask for a commitment of at least 20 hours per week. This is a paid internship.

Qualifications include:   

·         Area of study: Journalism, Engineering, Technical Marketing

·         Experience in technical writing

·         Excellent Communication skills

·         Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with teams
Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to:
Alexia McAllister
Marketing & Communication Manager
Nye Lubricants, Inc.Fairhaven, MA

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 23rd Internship Workshop - Location Changed

The location of the February 23rd internship workshop has been changed to Library 207.  It will run from 3 to 4 pm.  This is an informational session about how our internship works and advice on how you might find an internship and get it approved for credit.  We (CCB) are not "placing" students in internships as a result of this workshop or promoting any particular internships.  This is simply an informational session about our program.

Frequently asked Questions About Our Internship Program

Here are some frequently asked questions about our internship program and my replies.

Can you please place me in an internship?

We do not “place” students in internships.  But we do post every good opportunity that we learn of and students can compete for these positions.  We also support student pursuit of internships in a variety of ways and students can also apply for internships on their own.  You can get  assistance and advice regarding resumes and cover letters, interviewing techniques, the search etc. via our Career Development Center, which is located behind the Mass Pass Office in the campus center.  Alyssa Snizek, Associate Director of the CDC will be in attendance at the February 23rd workshop and can elaborate more on their services.  CDC will also host a job and internship fair in April and watch for networking events and other information sessions throughout the year.

Who's hiring for accounting internships?

Many different types of companies hire accounting interns.  There is a great demand for accounting interns at CPA firms in the spring semester as they gear up for tax season.  The big 4 accounting firms and the large regional firms also hire summer interns but the applications for those positions must usually be completed in late fall to early winter.  To learn who is hiring, you must learn some search strategies, network with family and friends, take advantage of networking opportunities at UMD etc.  If you are interested in public accounting, there are lists of firms you can work with such as the one that the Massachusetts Society of CPAs publishes.  You can also contact the human resources department of companies or agencies that interest you and inquire about doing an internship.  You may also want to meet with a career counselor at our UMD Career Development Center and discuss search strategies.  Keep in mind that possibilities for accounting internships do go beyond public accounting and you could find great opportunities as an internal auditor intern, staff accountant at a bank, inter in the business office of a school department, and so on.  You should also monitor Careerlink and our CCB internship blog to see what local opportunities appear during the next few months.

How can I get internships in Boston, MA?

We don’t have a lot of postings that come to us from the Boston area.  There are so many schools in Boston that the companies near Boston reach out to those programs.  However, many organizations in and around Boston recruit interns.  Many of them post the opportunities on their own employment portals and an aggregator portal like will pick these up.  So it is important to learn how to do great searches on and when you see a good yield on your searches, set up that search as a daily email alert.  Respond quickly to every posting that is of interest with a good solid resume and whatever else is required.  If you need help with your resume, please visit the Career Development Center.  Please know that landing an internship in Boston is not impossible but it will probably take a lot of hustle and persistence.  Your resume will be in with many others.  Knowing someone in the company always helps.

I am looking for internships for this summer are there any available that CCB might be aware of?

As soon as we know of anything, we post it on our Internship Blog which you can find at:

Sign up for the daily email alerts so that as soon as you see something of interest you can apply.

Will I be able to receive credit for my internship?

Yes but if it is something you land on your own, you will need to submit details to the Internship Director, Professor Griffin, to see if it can be approved for credit and then you will be required to complete the internship course (3 credits that cover a business elective) which is 100% online via myCourses and is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. You must work at least 135 hours in an approved internship while successfully passing the course.

Is it possible to work in an internship over the Summer and use it for credit in the Fall semester?

The college policy is that to get credit you must complete the online internship course concurrent with the experience.  You can’t do the internship in the summer and take the course in the fall.  And if you do take the course in the summer, it carries the same tuition and fees as any other 3 credit summer course.  For information on summer internship courses, visit the enrollment center or read about the summer University Extension program on the UMD web site. I believe the cost is around $1,100 to $1,200 per course.

How to get an internship with the Celtics as an Accounting major with minor in Finance?

Send a resume to the human resources department at the Celtics and propose the internship.  Make sure you write a good cover letter and mention that your college will support this with a 3 credit course (if that’s something you want).  Keep in mind that the Celtics usually do not pay interns. We have had interns work for the Celtics in unpaid marketing and outreach positions.  Like any sports internships, the Celtics ones have required long hours, no pay, and some time lots of grunt work.  That doesn’t mean an accounting internship would be the same.

Do I need a certain GPA to be qualify for an internship program?

To get into the internship course you should have at least a 2.5 GPA and 60 credits earned.


List of specific things that I should do to succeed in an internship position?

This is a good question and the answer can be a complex one.  The simple answer is to be a good worker and keep trying to learn new things.  Here are some more things you can do to increase your odds of success:

Knowing what is expected of you as an intern is important to the success of the experience.

·         Review of a written job description

o   Reveals duties, tasks, and knowledge, skills, abilities needed 

·         Agree on a work schedule

o   Meeting of the minds on schedule is a critical success factor from the start

·         Understand supervisor's expectations

o   Beyond the job description — what else do you need to know to carry out your responsibilities

o   Skills necessary (can differ depending on the type of internship)

§  Common basic skill requirements

·         Proficient in MS Office

o    Knowledgeable of Excel functions i.e. Pivot Tables, VLookups, and Sumif functions

·         Detail-oriented and organized

·         Resourceful, responsible, team player, high energy, and good communication skills

·         Analytical capabilities

·         Attention to detail

·         Must be able to handle multiple projects (multi-tasking)  and priorities concurrently

·         Be familiar with policies, procedures and  etiquette

o   Read the policy manual or company handbook

o   Understand etiquette and be observant of it in action on the job

o   Learn by watching other respected staff do their work and emulate good traits

o   No one expects the intern to know everything

o                   Ask questions and take advantage of the chance to learn something new everyday

·         Review of list of projects to be worked on during the course of the semester

o   Put the list in MS Excel

o   Put timelines on each project

·         Participate in technical training (formal and informal on the job work)

o   Take every opportunity to participate in formal sessions such as informational meetings, seminars, workshops

o   Get in on mini-training sessions such as a 15 minute meeting with a supervisor to review on targeted subject

·         Learn lessons in persistence, problem-solving, exhibit a positive-attitude, networking skills, planning, and prioritization

o   Being persistent is a learned trait and one that employers look want

o   Positive thinking is an appealing attribute in the business world it's the mind set of entrepreneurs

§  Positive thinking leads to confidence which reinforces positive thinking in a cycle of successful behaviors

o   Networking within the internship leads to good things in the future and many internship providers expect you will network

o   Plan each day; to-do lists and other time management techniques help assure results

o   Prioritize —company goals lead to initiatives —know the top goals and the top initiatives and attack the highest priorities first

I would like to know how best to find local internships. Also, it would be helpful to have pointers on who we should be trying to contact in organizations.

We receive requests for interns from local companies.  In the CCB we currently (for the last 6 or 7 years) post them on our blog:  More and more, the Career Development Center is posting opportunities on Careerlink.  Every UMD student has access to Careerllink (the same username and password you use to log onto your email).  You may also find local internships on by search within a 30 mile radius of North Dartmouth.  You can do that in the advanced search capabilities of  If you contact a company on your own (not from these other sources mentioned above), start by trying to get the name of a person in the company and its best to get the name of a manager in the area you are interested in.  Who is the head of accounting?  Who is the head auditor?  VP of Marketing?  Chief Technology Officer?  Etc. etc.  Or you can contact the head of the human resource function.  Write both a cover letter and a resume.  Follow up in a week or so to see if they have any questions.


Can any job that has to do with my major be considered as an internship if so where can I get it approved? 

Not any job can be an internship.  We look for certain attributes.  There needs to be evidence of excellent learning experiences facilitated by supervisors/mentors that plan the internship and support it with resources.  The main priority — provide the student with a professional learning experience – not selling shoes, pumping gas, painting houses, making cold calls all day, or working from your dorm room.  There should be formal training and on-the-job learning experiences.  We ask that you submit the following information if you are looking to have the internship approved for credit:

Description of the company including the mission, location, sales and market coverage. Please include your web URL (if you have it):

Primary duties and responsibilities:

What will the student learn from this experience (list 4 or 5 learning objectives)?

Job Title:

Academic preparation of the student required (graduate, senior, junior, courses taken, GPA, etc.):

Skills required:

Hours of work:

Start and end dates:

Primary supervisor and contact information:


For more details on how to get an internship approved and how our program works, please visit:

Also, you may find our document that explains best practices for internship provider which can be downloaded from:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marketing Internship at First Citizens (Unpaid)

First Citizens’ Marketing department is looking for an unpaid intern where he/she would learn how a marketing department in a mid-sized institution operates. We do all of our marketing in-house and do not use an outside agency so this would be a great opportunity to learn how we brand, target and promote our products and services from brainstorming ideas to the finished campaign and tracking its ROI. We hope that this person would be able to apply their knowledge into some of our marketing projects and campaigns as well as in the designing of our creative print ads, flyers, etc.  The position would be from 15-20 hours a week.   Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to" Leslie Poulin, AVP and Director of Marketing,

This is located in Fairhaven, MA. so you would need transportation.  If a student lands this internship and wants to earn credit, see me as soon as you can as you would need to be added to the spring 2015 internship course (100% online) and would need to play catch up as a few assignments have already come due.  I can add for about 2 more weeks from the date of this posting.

Professor Griffin

Internship - Internal Audit Amica Insurance - Lincoln, RI

Follow this link to apply:*FC6DDAD2610B4D06&__jbsrc=6C5AD42E-44C7-4C1B-B33C-A145773304E6

NOTE:  I found this by searching via
Requisition Number15-0077
Post Date2/3/2015
TitleStudent Intern - Internal Audit Department
DescriptionAre you looking for a job in a growing industry with new products, new markets and new technology?

With locations across the country, Amica Mutual Insurance Company offers opportunities to join this dynamic field with a financially strong and respected insurance provider. Amica, based in Lincoln, RI, is a national writer of auto, homeowners, marine and umbrella insurance. Amica Life Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, offers a full line of life insurance products.

We are recognized as a leader in customer service and credit this success to our 3,300 employees in 43 offices across the country.

Amica Insurance, located in Lincoln, RI, is seeking an Intern to work in our IT area within our Internal Audit Department. This is a paid internship, and the required working hours are 37.50 hours per week during the summer months. Our internship program is designed for individuals who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program at an accredited college/university.

Job Functions and Responsibilities:

The selected candidate will work with experienced audit professionals on a variety of audit projects, with a focus on information systems audits. Primary responsibilities will include:

• Performs initial audits of the activities of various departments for compliance with plans, policies and procedures prescribed by management.
• Reviews and evaluates records, operations and methods for accuracy and effectiveness.
• Keeps abreast of current developments in technology and information security fields (or related), auditing professions, and changes in local, state, and federal laws, as applicable.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

• Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Accounting, or a related field.
• Minimum of 15 hours in Computer Science, Auditing, or Accounting courses preferred.
• GPA of 3.0 or above is preferred.
•Demonstrates high degree of integrity, and possesses the ability to complete challenging assignments with a high level of confidentiality.
• Superior written and oral communication and problem solving skills.
• Strong analytical skills and an attention to detail.
• Familiarity with standard auditing practices and procedures and the ability to apply them to each project assigned.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume for review.

Internship workshop - You Are Invited

On Feb. 23 from 3 pm to 4: pm, I will give a 1 hour presentation on the CCB internship program.  The session advice on how to land a good internship and how students can receive credit.  This is geared to students who are looking for an internship for the summer 2015 or fall 2015 semesters. It will be held in room 115 in the CCB building.  If you would like attend, please click on this link and sign up:

Seating is limited and I have about 10 seats that remain open.

Friday, February 6, 2015

KLR Intenship - still accepting resumes

KLR (CPA firm based in Providence) will be accepting resumes for their accounting internship until Feb. 28, 2015.  By March 4th, selected candidates will receive an email from Professor Griffin to schedule an interview.  Interviews will be held in March (March 23rd) This will be based on a list received from KLR.  Interested candidates follow this link to learn more about this opportunity and to apply with a resume and cover letter to the contact person mentioned in the posting.  Do not send resumes etc. to Professor Griffin.  KLR is reviewing resumes and will be responsible for selecting candidates for interviews and will make offers to students directly.