Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Paid Summer Operations Internship Fall River

Summer internship

Merida is an American textile and rug producer leading the design manufacturing revival in the historic mill town of Fall River, Massachusetts, where we have a production facility and where the internship will take place.

Building on our 30-year heritage as a company of makers, we care deeply about the integrity of materials, the art of craftsmanship, and the details of design. We partner with interior design professionals to elevate their process and realize their projects—every step of the way – and sell our products in the entire country.

Here is our website:

The internship consist in helping the Director of Operations and Sustainability to put together a production planning tool to help better estimate lead time, production capacity and labor force requirements. The intern would participate in the construction of the tool- its logic and information requirement – as well as be responsible for collecting the necessary information mostly through tasks time studies.

The intern would need to understand all steps and processes of our manufacturing, acquiring firsthand experience in a manufacturing environment. Learning of the steps, information and utilization of planning tools for manufacturing would also be a great learning experience for students interested in going into manufacturing.

It would be ideal if the student have taken courses, have an interest and/or had experience with some aspects of

-       Operations management

-       Business administration

-       Engineering

-       Textile design/fiber arts

We would, however, be open to interview/contact any applicant.

The hours of work would be flexible according to the intern availability and interest. It can be any time between 4 to 8 hours a day. We would pay $ 12 per hour and would like to have the start date on June 1st and end date on August 31st.  The internship would take place at 1 Currant Rd, Fall River, MA.

The primary supervisor will be:

Zairo B. Cheibub

Director of Operations and Sustainability
Please send a cover letter and resume to Zairo Cheibub at: