Thursday, January 2, 2014

Message from Internship Director

Happy New Year:

In a few weeks, we will all be back at it!  And for those of you who still want to do a spring 2014 internship, there is still time to land one.... but it will take some hustle.  If you are still searching for a spring or even a summer 2014 internship, here are a few ideas:

1. Follow the CCB Internship Blog.  I post opportunities there as soon as I come upon them.  The blog is at:   ... also keep in mind that on the blog, you can sign up for email alerts that will notify you of new postings.  You'll get an email of what has been posted in the last 24 hours.  Also, check out the archives on the right-hand side of the blog for postings within the past month - some of those positions might still be open.

2. Some noteworthy internship postings that are on the blog RIGHT NOW include: 

Fairhaven Planning Office Internship ( We have had a business intern there for many years with positive feedback).

Both of the above internships are ASAP and would qualify for our Spring 2014 internship course.  So if you are interested, apply NOW!

3. I have recently added a number of postings on the blog for both spring and summer internships including companies like Hasbro, CVS, Amica Insurance, Textron, and Santander Bank.  Keep in mind that these types of internships are very competitive - you will be competing against students from PC, Bryant, URI, etc.  You must learn to put your best food forward.  You may want to have your resume and cover letters reviewed by staff in our Career Development Center.  But if time is of the essence,  I also believe that it is important to respond quickly to these postings (especially the ones for Spring 2014).  So spiff up your resume and submit it through the appropriate employment portals.

4.  Ms. Jane Staples ( in our university internship director.  You are also welcome to meet with Jane and get her advice on your internship plans.  She can advise you on process and help you tap into resources like the CDC's Careerlink.  Ms. Staples' office is located in the campus center behind the Mass Pass office.

5. Learn how to do your own internship searches using portals like and 

6. Watch for CCB sponsored career planning events such as job fairs and information sessions and discuss your interest in landing an excellent internship with your family, friends, and faculty advisors. Networking is key!

7.  If you come upon a possible internship and want to submit it for approval (for enrollment into the internship course, keep in mind a few things:

a. The internship must meet our criteria for a credit internship.  Visit our web page at:

b.  For the Spring 2014, we can approve quality internships (for credit) up until a couple of weeks into the semester but two important factors are  time (you must work at least 135 hours) and quality (read our best practices document at:

8. On these snowy days, if you are looking for some reading to do or can't sleep - check out the special report that I wrote on how to land an excellent internship which you can link to at the top of this blog.
Enjoy the rest of your break and good luck with the start of the 2014 semester.

Professor Griffin