Monday, September 2, 2013

More on Wed's Work N Serve and Internship Possibilities

CORRECTION - Work N Serve is from 10 am - 2 pm.

Here's some more ideas and information on internship possibilities from this Wed. (9/4/2013) Work N Serve at UMD.

On this Wednesday Sept. 4, 2013, the Career Development Center will be hosting Work N Serve in the Woodland commons from 10 am to 2 pm.  There will be some employers there recruiting interns.  I recently reviewed the list of companies that will be in attendance and have a few ideas for CCB majors looking for internships.

BLOUNT FINE FOODS is a Fall River based company (started in Warren, RI) and maybe interested in interns in the areas of MANAGEMENT, LOGISTICS, and SUPPLY CHAIN. Interns have had good experiences with Blount a local company that reaches national markets.
ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR has internship for various business majors but tend to be management trainee- type internships - helping to run local offices of the rent-a-car company.  These are very customer focused.           

FASTENTAL COMPANY  - has a few locations in the area - New Bedford and Fall River.  These are usually store/customer service focused. It is a tool and hardware company.
NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL - a good internship but definitely a selling one.  Must be willing to make cold calls and support sales presentation.  Compensation is production based.  But this is a nationally recognized program and a good place to start for students wanting to experience the financial services field.  But be ready to market and sell!

PICCERELLI, GILSTEIN & CO. - Providence based CPA firm that is stating they are interested in "INTERNSHIPS - PART-TIME INTERN / JUNIOR /SENIOR ACCOUNTING MAJOR."  We have had UMD students and alum with the firm.  It is a regional/quality firm.  Good opportunity. 
NEWGISTICS FREIGHT SERVICES - this a company based in Fall River.  Has paid opportunities.  Alum of UMD/CCB is advocating for this opportunities.  Should be a good situation and only 15 minutes away.

NESTLE WATERS - call and service center in Raynham, MA - 1/2 hour from campus.  Good place to work. I have toured the facilities and have had a few interns with Nestle.  They have many brands of water but the most famous is Poland Springs. Training provided but you must be willing to work and stay engaged throughout your shift trouble shooting customer problems, upselling etc.  Excellent training provided and professional  environment.  Could be structured as an internship for credit. 

GIFTS TO GIVE - Social Entrepreneurship internship is a possibility.  Ask for Jim Steven's the founder and tell him that Professor Griffin mentioned that a social entrepreneurship is a possibility. Must be willing to get "hands dirty" and make a difference for a very, very worthy cause.  No pay but great satisfaction (make a difference for many, many disadvantaged kids) and the chance to learn from Jim Steven's a very successful entrepreneur in both the profit and nonprofit sectors.  Gifts to Give is doing great work in an old mill in New Bedford. You could be part of it.  Offers a chance to see a logistical and supply system that has been very well designed and effective to solve a social need. I have witnessed this first hand and both my son and daughters have done stints at Gifts to Give.