Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer internships for credit

Hi CCB majors:

If you are interested in earning credit for a summer internship, I suggest you learn about how that works here at the Charlton College of Business.  Here's what happens:

1.  If you land an internship from the internship blog (http://www.businessinternships.blogspot.com/) and want to earn credit this summer, you will need my approval before you enroll in the summer internship course.  The university charges tuition and fees for the summer internship courses - just like any other summer offering.  It counts as a business elective and is 100% online.

2. If you land an opportunity on your own and you want to enroll in the summer internship course, the process is the same.  I need to approve it first before you can enroll in the course.

If you are looking for an internship, be sure to follow our internship blog: (http://www.businessinternships.blogspot.com/) and I suggest you sign up for the email alerts on that blog.  Also, be sure to not only look at the recent postings but all the postings for the month of March.  You can see past postings in the archive links on the right hand side.  There are some interesting postings from companies like Textron in Providence, RI, AAA also in Providence, and Aerovox in New Bedford, and there are also some fall 2014 opportunities.

Utilize services like Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com to search for internship postings.  If you are looking to land one in the Boston area, search by specifying a certain mile radius around the city because there are good opportunities in the suburbs too.  If you have a particular company like Fidelity, CVS, Coviden, Hasbro, Nike, Staples, State Street etc.  - that is of interest to you - visit there employment portals (via their company web sites) and apply there.  Many of the larger companies will only accept resumes that way.  But if you know someone at one of the big firms, have them advocate for you inside the company.  That might differentiate you from the hundreds of applications.  

Be persistent in your search and in your submission of resumes and cover letters. UMD/CCB students do land impressive internships!  It is happening weekly.

Learn how to use UMD's Careerlink to search for jobs and internships.  Jane Staples, UMD's internship director can help you.  She and others in the Career Development Center (behind UMASS PASS office) in the Campus Center can review your resume and offer tips.

Now is the time to ramp up your search.  Use all possible contacts.  Develop your network, watch the blog, use Indeed.com and Careerlink! Get in touch when you have something you think will qualify. 

Professor Griffin