Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Networking and etiquette skills

Here's a message from the DECA student organization:

Dear Charlton College of Business Students,

Here's to hoping your Spring Break was outstanding! Now is the time to take advantage of an opportunity to sharpen up your networking and etiquette skills, FOR FREE
Please join Collegiate DECA, Net Impact, and the Career Development Center on Tuesday April 1st at 5pm in Woodland Commons for an exclusive etiquette dinner
Please spread the word to friends and register to DECA@umassd.edu by Thursday March 27th! 
COMMENT:  Take this seriously.  We all need to polish up our "brand".  We all need transformation into the professional world and this is a very useful event.  The first job interview I went on (many many years ago - Lincoln was still president!) involved having dinner with two vice presidents of a bank.  I had to eat and interview and socialize.  Not easy - don't order the messy meal!  Know how to dress and act in professional settings!  This is a great prereq. for anyone looking to intern!!!  Accounting majors - get to this event!  (All majors should attend but as an accounting professor - I want the accounting majors to get there!)
Professor Griffin

PS: You can't beat the price.  It is free!