Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fidelity Investment Internships

Many students ask about internships with Fidelity Investments - the large (huge) financial services giant based in Boston.  In a recent conversation with a Fidelity recruiter, we were told to encourage our students to go to the Fidelity jobs portal (http://www.jobs.fidelity.com/index.html) and enter a profile.  You should also specify that you want email alerts so that when suitable internship opportunities hit the web, you will know. Fidelity has work locations in Boston, New Hampshire, and North Smithfield, RI.  In the past, we have had interns at the North Smithfield, RI. and have had very positive feedback.  You must raise your "game" as you will be competing against students from many area colleges (Boston and Providence).  So if you get an interview with Fidelity, spruce up the resume, wear the right clothes, and if necessary, consult with the people in our Career Development Center on how to ready yourself for an interview.