Monday, February 8, 2010

Possible internship, class project or resume builder

fn:Michael P. Griffin

The Westport Economic Development Task Force is looking for a student to
work on an economic study. The student would be working under the
guidance of Michael Sullivan (a UMD alum) gather data and analyzing
results. This is an unpaid project. It appears that the likely candidate
should be a marketing student with SPSS experience.

Here are the components of learning provided by the task force:

* Management: Municipal Planning
* Accounting: Public funded project proposal
* Marketing: Survey instruments, Primary level survey instrument,
creation and implementation, interpretation


* Marketing Research course (incl. familiarity with SPSS)
* Upper level student
* Automobile
* Ability to interact with property owner

Interested students should contact Michael Sullivan directly at:

Here's the Press Release that describes the project.

* Westport Considers new Commerce Park

Westport — The Westport Economic Development Task Force (EDTF) voted
during their most recent meeting to request Michael Sullivan, Outreach
Co-coordinator (MPS consulting) to conduct a survey of property owners
in the Wattuppa neighborhood to determine the level of support for
possible zoning amendments and infrastructure improvements that would
enhance the economic vitality of area. These changes are being
considered in order to entice mixed –use, pedestrian friendly
development which would provide new employment opportunities. The Task
Force has been working on expanding economic development in the town in
hope of increasing the commercial tax revenues while being sensitive to
the rural character of Westport.

The area under study is described as:

The portion of the Town bounded: Northerly by Interstate Route 195;
Easterly by State Highway Route 88; Southerly by Route 6; Westerly by
the Westport Fall River boundary line.

A portion of the targeted area has been designated as the "Route 6
Revitalization Priority Development Area" on the Westport Community map
prepared by the Southeastern Regional Planning and Development and
Economic Development District for the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts-South Coast Rail Economic Development Corridor Plan project.

Michael Sullivan, of MPS Consulting, the Outreach Coordinator for the
EDTF stated "Participation in working groups at the local, regional and
state levels has brought attention to the resources available to the
town of Westport for proper planning in anticipation of the growth which
will accompany the reestablishing of transit connections between our
region and Metro Boston. The Westport Economic Development Task Force
has adopted plans to work together with regional and state agencies, and
environmental and land protection organizations to ensure a competitive
community, while ensuring protection of our natural resources."

"The EDTF also discussed working closely with the Town of Westport
Planning Board in an effort to yield efficiency of a combined effort in
this and other projects under consideration." Sullivan added "The
vitality of our Agricultural and Fisheries resources, and the
preservation of the town's rich heritage, are major components of the
EDTF mission. The Task Force looks forward to continuing to assist
existing and new commercial interests enjoy the benefits of being part
of our community."