Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Internships with Northwestern Mutual Life

fn:Michael P. Griffin

Weekly info sessions from February 2nd through April 8th:
You MUST RSVP to the session that you would like to attend:

Tuesdays @ 9:30 am
Wednesdays @ 11am
Thursdays @ 2pm

Northwestern Mutual Life is holding information sessions for students
interested in Summer and Fall 2010 internships.

Where: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
275 Promenade Street – Suite# 300, Providence, RI 02908
• Our internship has been labeled top 10 in the country by Vault.com for
the past 13 years
• Our interns receive their state insurance license and have the
opportunity to sit for their investment license as well.
• Our internships can be completed for credit or not.
• Our interns are paid through commission earned from your clients. You
could also be eligible for a stipend as well, depending on when you
enter the program.
• Very flexible hours to work around your existing schedule.
• 1/3 of our interns will go full time upon graduation due to the real
world experience that they have gained while in our internship program.
• ¼ of our management team has come from our internship program.

How to Apply:

• If you are interested in attending this internship informational
session, you must RSVP to Mia Viveiros at mia.viveiros@nmfn.com or by
calling her direct line at 401-457-2936.

• Professional attire is required for the session and bring something to
take notes with!!!

Here is the job description:

Job Description: Interns with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
have the same opportunities to build their careers as full-time
representatives. Supported by our network of specialists, training
programs and mentoring opportunities, interns have access to the
resources, products and assistance they need to help their clients and
build their practices.
Like Financial Representatives, interns strive to understand their
clients' goals and visions in order to uncover financial solutions that
put them on a path to success. Financial Representative interns are in
business for themselves – but they're not alone to uncover financial
solutions that put them on a path to success.

Spring and Fall Interns are required to work 15-20 hours per week.
Summer interns are required to work full time, or 40 hours per week. All
schedules are flexible.
A financial representative intern is invited to all the same weekly and
monthly training as a full time financial representative. They are
required to come in every week for development training, phoning night
and can also schedule individual time with a College Unit Director for
help and assistance with case preparation. Our College Unit Director's
serve as a mentor within the program and will also go on client meetings
with interns. Interns will also have weekly meetings with our team
members to assist them with cases that they have in the process,
technology training, or additional product knowledge. Interns will be
scheduling appointments with clients for an initial fact finder, or a
closing appointment. They are also encouraged to network with
individuals that they know so some may attend networking events, or will
schedule prospecting meetings with their centers of influence. Prior to
the work that they will be doing in the field, all interns are required
to attend and additional training at our regional sales academy which
will preface the work they will be doing with clients.