Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Marketing Intern - Nonprofit in Plymouth, MA

Please send resume and cover letter to:

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation in Plymouth, MA ( is looking for a intern to start in Sept. 2014.  This would qualify for course credit.

Deadline for applying is August 29.
Start date: Week of September 8

End date: Week of May 4

Dec 22-Jan 2: OFF

March 16-20: OFF

Looking for 10-12 hours per week.
Below is a description of the duties the intern will perform.
Marketing Intern Project 2014-2015

Project Two:                                                                                                                              Lead organizer for Auto-dealerships Pledge to Eliminate Balloons

Primary responsibilities:

·         Create spreadsheet of all auto dealerships in Plymouth County

o   Organize by city/town, name, size, part of larger dealership

o   Get contact name, number and email

·         Identify which dealerships WDC will pilot program with

·         Help create name of program that will help strengthen WDC brand and clearly identify program

·         Help design and distribute informative with infographic on marine debris and data on ingestion of balloons (mostly turtles) for distribution and posting

o   Include maps/timeline of what WDC has recorded

o   Confirm material and informative graphics are easy to comprehend and compelling with small focus groups or surveys

·         Help design and distribute Pledge document for participating dealerships to sign

o   Pledge will be posted in conspicuous place at dealership, so needs to be visually appealing and informative

o   Hard-copy kept on file at WDC

·         Help design and distribute trifold brochure with survey available at each dealership. Prospective buyers will fill out. Include QR code for online survey as well as paper/pen survey.

o   Returned surveys will be entered in random drawing each week for whale adoption

o   Collate survey results – share with participating dealers.

·         Help design and distribute window posters and/or window clings designating dealership as participant in program

·         Schedule meetings with dealerships to present program (WDC staff will accompany you on first few appointments)

o   Call for appointment

o   Send follow-up email

·         Oversee symbolic Whale Adoption for each dealership.

o   Distribute appropriate materials for public viewing.

o   Enter contact information into appropriate databases for electronic updates

·         Help write and distribute press release(s) outlining program

·         Report on scheduled and surprise visits to dealerships to check compliance

·         Create, distribute and collate follow-up survey with dealers.