Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fundraising Intern - Nonprofit Plymouth, MA

Please send resume and cover letter to:

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation in Plymouth, MA ( is looking for a intern to start in Sept. 2014.  This would qualify for course credit.

Marketing Intern Project 2014-2015

Project One:                                                                                                                              Lead organizer for the 3rd Annual Race to Save a Species Fundraiser

Primary responsibilities:

·         Recruit corporate sponsors to offset costs and help promote event

o   Update existing sponsorship spreadsheet, information packet and letters for 2015

o   Visit potential sponsors

o   Call or email potential sponsors

o   Follow up until definitive answer is given

o   Track progress on updated excel spreadsheet

·         Recruit raffle prizes from local businesses

o   Update existing donor spreadsheet for 2015

o   Visit potential donors

o   Call or email potential donors

o   Follow up until definitive answer is given

·         Help with outreach for race

o   Create social media posts and work with Social media Coordinator to schedule

o   Create blurbs and features for electronic communication (eNewsletters and emails)

o   Review analytics, play with variables to maximize effectiveness

·         Help design and create race marketing material

o   Posters for local distribution

o   Postcards for local distribution

·         Recruit volunteers for day of race

o   Update existing spreadsheet of schools and other NGOs for potential volunteers

o   Using existing template, fill time slots with volunteers

·         Work collaboratively with committee members (some WDC staff, race management staff, NGO volunteer coordinators, etc.)

o   Complete task within given time frame

o   Reports accurately and articulately to committee members on progress

·         Help set-up and oversee race on Saturday, May 2