Thursday, June 11, 2015

Finance Internship or Accounting internship - Paid $15 per hour x 40 hours

Professor Griffin's Comments:
This looks like a really good opportunity for either a finance or accounting major. It is listed as a finance internship in Careerlink but it is also a solid accounting internship.  It looks like this one starts this summer and was just posted so if you are interested, apply right away.  They want you to be able to work 40 hours and I assume that is this summer but you may want to inquire about the hours for the Fall.  At $15 an hour that's a summer gross weekly pay of $600!  Not bad!  We have had other interns at PartyLite in Plymouth and have positive feedback.

PartyLite in Plymouth, MA is looking for a paid Finance intern! Log onto CareerLink to apply to the position.

To get to CareerLink, Log into your UMassD Portal >Select "Careers & Jobs" from the Quicklaunch> Select "CareerLink"

More details on the position here: