Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marketing/E-Commerce Internship at local company

e-Commerce/Marketing Internship
Aquapoint, an innovative waste water treatment solutions company located in New Bedford, is looking for an e-Commerce/Marketing intern to start immediately. The successful candidate will be working closely with senior management to implement e-commerce solutions and perform e-marketing, basic research, and web site activities to market and promote the products, services, and news of this company. If you are interested in learning more about the green movement and emerging infrastructures please consider a applying for this internship. You will be expected to make a contribution to the marketing effort of this company while learning a great deal from an experienced and enlightened management team. The experience will qualify for internship credit (Fall 2009), assuming that you meet the other criteria of a CCB internship.

The ideal candidate should have strong software skills, including web site development and a basic knowledge of e-commerce strategies and theories. You should be at least a junior MIS or MKT major, with a solid academic record and good communication skills. The position will require 9-10 hours per week (you must complete at least 135 hours as part of a credit-earning internship.)

Aquapoint is located at 259A Samuel Barnet Blvd in New Bedford

Interested students should submit their resume and an email message of interest, as soon as possible to:

Mr. Josh Lindell. Mr. Lindell's email address is: