Friday, September 25, 2009

Campus Internship

A campus organization is looking for a student intern to help with the marketing of the yearbook. Here is additional information. It is too late for internship credit for this semester but this could be a good experience for the right person and there is some compensation involved.

The Scrimshaw Yearbook is located in the Campus Center of the University
of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Approaching our 40^th year in operation, the
Scrimshaw creates a publication that chronicles the people and events that define the UMass Dartmouth experience. The book is given to the year's graduating class, free of charge, at the end of the summer. Additional yearbooks are sold via the Campus Bookstore in the beginning of the academic year.

In previous years, our organization has outsourced our corporate advertising duties. We are now looking to establish an internal sales position that will allow us to personally solicit corporate sponsorship, and abolish our previous outsourcing commitment.

* Primary duties and responsibilities:*

* *The student filling the Corporate Ad Sales position will be required to contact all the corporations\businesses that appear on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth vendor list and solicit them to purchase ad space in the upcoming publication. Contacting said corporations\businesses will be done via telephone, email, and postal mailing. The student will also be required to manage all ads that are purchased by inputting the data into our custom excel spreadsheet.

* What will the student learn from this experience?*

**The student will be able to develop strong communication skills in the field of sales. This position will rely heavily on the student's ability to accurately communicate the advertising options that we offer to the corporations\businesses, so he\she will learn the importance of clear and concise communication. In addition, the student will learn organizational skills through their use of the Microsoft Excel program.

* Job Title: *

* *Corporate Advertisement Sales

Compensation: *

* *The student will receive a stipend of $1000 for the academic year. In addition, he/she will earn a commission of 10% for every ad sold after the first $2000.00 of ad space sold.

* Academic preparation of the student required (graduate, senior, junior, courses taken, GPA, etc.):*

* *Graduate, senior, or junior. GPA no lower than 2.5. Preferred that student has taken or is currently enrolled in a marketing course.

Skills required:*

* *Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word.

Strong telecommunication.


* *

*Hours of work: *

* *
The student will be required to work in the yearbook office for 10 hours per week. Exact office hours depend on the student's schedule and will be discussed between the student and the editor-in-chief.

* Start and end dates: *

* *Start: November 1^st , 2009

End: May 10^th , 2010

* *

*Primary supervisor:*

Jamie Jacquart, Director of Student Activities. Email:

*To whom should students send resume/application and how?*

* *Resume can be sent either by email to or by
delivering it in person to the Yearbook office, located in the Campus
Center on the 2^nd floor.