Thursday, March 19, 2015

Summer temp positions at PWC Boston

PWC is looking for top accounting students to apply for seasonal tax work in their Boston office.  I (Professor Griffin) strongly encourage accounting students with solid GPAs to apply.  In past years, we have been fortunate to have several students accepted for this work and although they have worked very hard, they have learned a great deal and made some good money in the summer and early fall months.  This is a great experience and could eventually help you get your foot in the door at a CPA firm and even perhaps PWC, although this is assumed to be only a summer and early fall temporary assignment.

Here’s what my contact at PWC says about this opportunity.
Why is this a great opportunity?  
Because as a member of our seasonal team, you will:

  • increase your knowledge of the Firm and the Tax practice
  • play a critical role in a fast paced, high volume compliance environment
  • work alongside our tax professionals to alleviate the demands of our peak compression period, which is driven by a challenging 9/15 deadline

Work Details
Start date will be June 22nd, 2015.
  • Start date through August 31 -- we guarantee a minimum of 25 hours/week, however require your availability and willingness to work up to 50 hours/week when needed
  • September 1 - September 16 -- we require a commitment of a minimum of 25 hours/week (check your school plans when determining your availability)
  • Weekly hours would most likely include weekends and evenings
  • Ability to work 2-3 days over Labor Day Weekend
  • Approval requests for vacation time in excess of specific/limited days will typically not be granted
  • Due to regular variations in client demands there are frequent changes to work plans/schedules.  We need individuals who demonstrate strong change agility/flexibility as you may be re-deployed frequently between engagements as needed.

Keep in mind that you will be applying for these positions with students from other schools so be sure to have a very good looking resume and cover letter and apply as soon as possible via email attachments to the contact listed below.  If you need to have your resume reviewed you can contact Alyssa Snizek, Associate Director of the Career Development Center or you can contact Juma Miller in the CCB to set up an appointment with Anthony Baird who is providing career counseling a few days per week.  Please contact Ms. Miller for appointments with Mr. Baird as she is handling his schedule.

Interested students should email their resume and cover letter to Ann Ulett:
Ms. Ulett is the New England Sourcing Manager for PWC and has been a friend to both our program and the Bridgewater State University program for many years.