Monday, March 23, 2015

Internship Workshop

Internship Workshop

This Thursday March 26th 2-3 pm in room Library 207.
If you are interested in earning credit for a business internship this summer or fall 2015, this is the time to start planning and executing your plan.

Topics to be  discussed:
How our credit internship program works.
Ideas for searching..
Best practices (so you can get it approved for credit)
Advisers who can help you with your search, resume, and cover letter.
Other tips on how to get and carry out an excellent business internship.

We will NOT be “placing” students into internships at this workshop so it is imperative that you explore how to find opportunities and how to increase the odds of landing a good internship.


Anyone who is in attendance will receive a copy of our new Quick Reference Guide. 

If you want to attend, please reply to Professor Griffin ( by noon time on Thurs. 3/26/15 so he can plan for the turnout.  Seating is limited.    This is the same presentation that Professor Griffin gave last month.  Professor Griffin  will also be available for Q&A after the session in room LIB 207.