Thursday, March 12, 2015

Summer Courses and Internships

I (Professor Griffin) am  are offering the summer internship course (100% online).  It will be launched via myCourses on June 22nd.  There is the normal tuition charge for a summer course.  It covers a business elective.  You must have my approval before enrolling in the course.  You will need to email me the details of your internship to seek my approval.  If approved, I will email you back my approval which will allow you to enroll in the course.

Other Summer Offerings
New this summer - ACT355 Accounting Information Systems (Online).  It is 100% online this summer and starts on June 22nd.  This is a required course for accounting majors and a business elective for all others.  I am the professor for this course (Griffin, Professor).

Personal Finance - the very popular FIN320 Personal Finance course will again be offered this summer.  Take note that it starts up on May 26th and runs till June 12th.  3 credits in about 3 weeks! It is fast paced but is an enjoyable and useful course (Griffin, Professor).