Monday, January 12, 2015

Searching for an internship

There is still time to find a quality internship and to get it approved for credit for the Spring 2015 semester but time is running so start now.  I recommend that you become familiar with the process by reviewing our web page at:

Also, on this blog there is a report on how to land an excellent internship (see the tabs near the top) and you should read that.  If you come upon a great internship and want it approved, I will need details so please read about that at

If you want to watch a video (screen cast) of a PPT that I did to help students come up with a  search plan, here is the link:  It is about a 10 minute video.  I hope it helps.  Also keep in mind that the Career Development Center has a new Associate Director who will be able to assist you with your search and provide career development advice starting with our Spring semester.  Alyssa Snizek will be joining us on January 20 as our new Associate Director for the Career Development and will be located in the Campus center - behind the UMASS PASS office. 

Finally, with about 2 weeks to go before the semester starts, students are finalizing plans to start a spring internship.  If you have something in the works, your goal should be to get it approved by me by the end of the add/drop period so I can get you into one of our 399 sections.  I may also be able to get you into the course up to a week beyond the add/drop period but it will be imperative that you keep me informed as to what is happening.  We have a bit less flexibility on late enrollments into the internship class than we have had in the past so it is critical that you plan and execute your plan with a goal of starting within a week or so of the start of the semester and please communicate your plans with me.  I have to examine the internship proposal (email) and see if I can approve.  If anyone is unfamiliar with what I look for in a good internship, think about reading my best practices document at:

You should also collect this type of information, as best you can, before sending me an email asking for an approval:

Description of the company including the mission, location, sales and market coverage. Please include your web URL (if you have it):
Primary duties and responsibilities:
What will the student learn from this experience (list 4 or 5 learning objectives)?
Job Title:
Academic preparation of the student required (graduate, senior, junior, courses taken, GPA, etc.):
Skills required:
Hours of work:
Start and end dates:
Primary supervisor and contact information:

Finally, it is not too soon to start generating some leads for a summer internship.  And you can get credit for a summer internship by getting your internship approved, working at least 135 hours this summer, and completing the 399 online internship course.

Good luck and enjoy the remainder of the break.

Professor Griffin