Friday, January 16, 2015

Internship News


With a week left till school starts, there is still time to submit your Spring 2015 internship for approval for credit.  I will need the details.  Please visit: to learn how the program works and the type of information that I need emailed to me for review and approval.  Think seriously about getting your internship approved and earn credit by completing one of our 399 courses.  A prereq.  For 399 is a solid internship so if you have one, why not “register it” with us, take the online course (which is getting great reviews) and place it permanently on your transcript?  Let me know what questions you have:

I continue to receive requests for interns from local companies.  Please check out our blog for the most recent postings:

As soon as I become aware of an opportunity, I post it on the blog and if you are interested, respond quickly with a resume and cover letter.  In the past couple of weeks we have received postings from Fastenal (sales), Wadell and Reed (marketing and financial services), Chartwells (on-campus Marketing inetrnshi), and others.  Visit the blog and signup for email alerts

INTERNSHIPS FALL 2014 – Did you do one?
Did you do any internship in Fall 2014?  If you haven’t done so already, please take our quick survey to report your internship Fall 2014.  It can be found at:

Your search for internships should also take you to other web portals.  I recommend you learn how to maximize the use of  Learn how to search for internships on that site using key word searches and set up your won email alerts.  Careerlink is another portal that you need to learn.  It is UMASS Dartmouth’s own job and internship portal run by our Career Development Center.  CDC will be working to populate that site in the next few months as they re-organize.  Stay tuned for news from CDC and how they can help you with all your career development needs.

I have produced three new internship informational, narrated PPTs up on the blog for your viewing pleasure.  These will never win a Golden Globe but they will provide you with good information about internships. 

What are you searching for? 
8 minute video on what to think about before conducting your search for an internship.

The Search
11 minute video on some ideas to help you conduct an effective search.  Its all about using a variety of methods to generate some solid leads!

Best Practices
This 10 minute video tells you about what to look for in an internship so you can maximize your learning experience.  It might also be helpful to companies looking to establish a quality program.
A document that helps supplement this video is our Best Practices document which you can download from:

I have published a laminated Quick Reference Guide to Internships.  It will be released soon by Bar Charts, a Florida based publisher.  It is similar to the Accounting 1, 2, and Cost Accounting guides that I produced and that some students buy on our bookstore.  I don’t believe that our bookstore is carrying these yet but the Quick Study Internship guide should be available soon in bookstores everywhere and online via Amazon and other portals.

Good luck with the start of the Spring 2015 semester.