Thursday, August 21, 2014

HR Internship - Boston - Fall 2014

This position is PAID and in Boston (about 12, so two 6 hour days preferably). Boston is a bit of a drive from Dartmouth, but for commuter students who live in between it may be doable if they have days without classes. Anyway, I figured I would send it over to you to post if you want, as HR internships don't seem to be as commonplace as other business functions.

Here is the link to the posting:

This posting is from an alum of UMD/CCB and he says: "Bullhorn really is a great place to work, and we're usually hiring interns of some kind (full time in the summer, around 20 hours usually during school) all year round. We have an intern who is leaving so we're eager to get some fresh blood in the door!"