Friday, May 3, 2013

Online Marketing Coordinator (Could be a summer internship)

Online Marketing Coordinator:

Student Job Opening for Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant

Job Listing: 0102402165 Approx: $1,200 for May and June: Junior, Senior, or Grad. Must have online marketing knowledge or experience: Example of Duties:

• Facebook and Linked In Marketing duties

• Blog and tweet Fall River partner events

• Update website

• Create a log of all updates and online postings

• Attend multiple art meetings

• Assist in other areas of marketing to including surveying, tweeting, and blogging about events that you attend.

Must be reliable and responsible, good communication skills and have the ability to multi task. See Job listing for specific requirements. Send Resume and cover letter to Melissa Pacheco at or drop by office . Please act quickly as the positions need to be filled soon.