Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marketing Internship

A local company is looking for a marketing intern for spring 2010.

Here are some details.

Job description: Commercial Marketing - Research and communicate with
additional commercial applications for our anemometer (wind speed
sensor) business. Present anemometer applications include wind energy
site, solar energy, construction, agriculture and a few others. We are
looking for industries where wind speed has an influence on safety
procedures, environmental concerns and accuracy of data collection.

Additional information about our wind speed sensors can be found on our
commercial website (
Consumer Marketing - Assistance with marketing our consumer website
( including improving content via our proprietary
editing software (requires mid-level Word skills, not HTML editing),
establishing a presence in social networking sites such as Twitter, Face
Book and You Tube.

What will they learn: Ability to identify new markets and establish initial contact with prospective new clients. Experience with forming a corporate social networking strategy and implementing procedures to maintain a presence in this realm of marketing.

Hours/week: The company would prefer to have someone in our New Bedford office 3
days/week 2-3 hours/day. The company would be okay with an additional 2-3
hours/week working from school or home.

Paid: Yes. $9-$10/hour depending on qualifications

Interested candidates should send their resume to Peter Kilgore at