Monday, January 4, 2010


East Coast Staffing Solutions, a corporation designed to be a temporary workers employment agency located in New Bedford, MA.,with market coverage through print and internet, is looking for a UMD intern.

Details are below. This looks to be appropriate for a MKT with solid IT skills or an MIS major. This is unpaid and interested parties should send their resumes and cover letters to the address below.

Primary duties and responsibilities:
Student will be working mostly on the computer. Keeping our website and social networks up-to-date and making any necessary changes.

What will the student learn from this experience?
Student will learn how to market the corporation through social
networks, blogs, etc., and how to utilize
web development and ftp software.

Credit earned position.

Academic preparation of the student required (graduate, senior, junior,
courses taken,
GPA, etc.):
Must be a junior to receive intern credit with a GPA of 2.5

Skills required:
Experience with social networks, Web and graphics development/design

Hours of work:
to be determined

Start and end dates:
Beginning on January 1, 2009 until end of semester.

Primary supervisor:
Larry Rose

To whom should students send resume/application and how?
Send resumes to:
East Coast Staffing Solutions
651 Orchard Street, Suite 305
New Bedford, MA 02740