Sunday, October 4, 2009

KPMG Internships

Accounting Majors:

I just received the following email from KPMG tonight. If you are interested in a winter or summer internship, please send an email and your resume and a PDF of your transcript to Anne Danek at She tells me that KPMG is in the process of determining winter and summer internships over the next couple of weeks, so please make sure you get them to her as soon as possible. She will see to it that your resume (and transcripts) get to the right recruiter. I don't believe that you can get a PDF version of your transcript from the registrar (although you might want to check.) You can scan a hard copy from COIN (print it) into a PDF format and simply attach that along with your resume. But act fast because even though Anne did not give me a due date, she did indicate an urgency. Students who have done the summer KPMG internship in the past have had nothing but praise for it. It seems like a first class program.