Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Marketing or MIS Internship with local Company (Westport)

If you are a marketing, MIS, or POM major with good Internet/search
skills, check out the internship below. This is a summer internship and
if you wnat credit, you must get it approved by me and then register for
the summer internship course.

*Description of the company including the mission, location, sales and
market coverage. Please include your web URL (if you have it).: *

TopGrading Solutions (www.topgradingsolutions.com) is an MRI Network affiliate, the world's largest management and professional search firm with over 1,100 offices in 36 countries. Our office ranked in the top 25% of our 1,100
global offices in 2007. Our office specializes in Supply Chain within
Consumer Goods.

*Overview of the internship/coop objectives: *

The intern will be heavily involved in internet research, entering
information into our database, and posting information and/or video to
certain websites. At that same time, they will gain valuable insight to
Supply Chain and/or Recruiting as a profession.

*Primary duties and responsibilities: *

* *Most of the duties and responsibilities of the intern will be based
from our computer database. The student will assist the Office Manager
with ongoing database maintenance tasks, helping to make our database
efficient and profitable. He/she will be responsible for use of websites
such as Linkedin (a professional networking site), Indeed and Monster to
search for possible companies and candidates, and heavy use of search
engines like Google, to research missing contact information. Also the
intern will assist in posting information and videos to certain sites,
and possibly have part in redesigning our website, based on the intern's
knowledge of web design. As the intern becomes more comfortable with our
business, and based upon their potential interest, the opportunity will
exist to interact with supply chain professionals throughout the country.

*What will the student learn from this experience? *

The student will get a good understanding of both the Supply Chain and
Consumer Goods industries. This position will help to better the
student's organizational and research skills, and knowledge of Microsoft
Applications. The intern will also get an in-depth look into the
professional world. As we help supply chain professionals take their
careers to the next level, the intern will learn the ins and outs of the
job searching / interviewing process – giving them a much better
understanding of exactly what employers are looking for. This internship
can be a great stepping stone into their own career.

*Job Title: *

Intern/ Internet Researcher

*Compensation: *

Open to straight compensation or mix of compensation and credits.

*Academic preparation of the student required (graduate, senior, junior,
courses taken, GPA, etc.): *

* *
Junior or Senior with an ultimate interest in Supply Chain, Operations /
Operations Management, or Sales would likely get the most out of an
internship at TopGrading Solutions.

*Skills required: *

Student must be internet savvy, have good time management skills and be
familiar with Microsoft applications including Word and Outlook.
Experience designing web-pages and posting video to the internet is a plus.

*Hours of work: *

Flexible / Open to discussion.

*Start and end dates: *

We would like this position to be an ongoing process. Students may start
at any time during the year. They may start at the beginning of a
semester and stop at the end of the semester or possibly stay throughout
the year and even during the summer. This internship offers potential
for growth within our company.

*Primary supervisor: *

Kelly Moura, Office Manager.

*To whom should students send resume/application and how? *

Students may email their resume/application to
Kelly@topgradingsolutions.com <mailto:Kelly@topgradingsolutions.com>
with "Intern Application" in the subject field.

*Deadline for submitting resume/application: *

We are accepting resumes/applications at all times. However we are
hoping to fill this internship by July 1^st .

*How will the student(s) be evaluated? *

The student will be evaluated based on the effectiveness and quality of
their work, and the time it takes to complete an assignment.

*Additional company contacts (if applicable): *

Jason Breault,

Managing Director
Jason@topgradingsolutions.com <mailto:Jason@topgradingsolutions.com>

*Name and title of the person providing this information*

Kelly Moura,

Office Manager