Thursday, July 9, 2015

CCB Internship News: New Procedure for Posting Internship Positions

After several years of maintaining the Internship Blog, I have decided I can no longer use it to post internship positions for the students of the CCB.  The blog has outgrown its usefulness and it doesn't have the features that other job and internship portals offer.  We (me and the CCB administration) have decided that the UMD Career Development Center's Careerlink system will now be home to all internship postings and jobs.  You (students) interested in applying for internships, should make it a habit to search using the Careerlink (  The Career Development Staff along with CCB personnel, myself, and some of our faculty, are working to point prospective internship providers and employers to Careerlink so that it is the sole place to find internship opportunities geared to UMD students.  I suggest that if you are looking to land an internship for Fall 2015 that you start soon to check on what's up on Careerlink.  Just this week, I have been asking employers to enter their opportunities into the Careerlink database so students can begin applying. 

For at least for the short-term, I will keep this blog up and running but it will be more for informational purposes.  I will use it to post advice and announcements and I may use it to highlight excellent opportunities, as time permits.  However, all students should keep in mind that if you need assistance with career planning, help with your resume, preparing for interviews, and understanding career paths/options, that the excellent staff of the Career Development Center stands ready to help.  Contact information for the CDC can be found at

I will continue to direct the internship program for Charlton in addition to my duties as a full-time accounting professor however, I will have help.  A faculty member in each department (DIS and Management/Marketing) will soon be appointed to coordinate internships.  I will also coordinate the accounting and finance ones.  To learn more about CCB's internship program and how you can earn credit for an internship, go to our web page at:

We will soon be updating our internship web page for these new arrangements and I am sure you will continue to see announcements from me as the semester approaches and throughout the school year.  I can also share with you developments regarding career development workshops, internship information sessions, and job fairs as those plans become firm.  I am quite aware of the work being done by the new career development staff to plan a calendar of events to serve the students of the university.  I think there will be quite a bit of exciting things during the next academic year to help you connect with interesting career paths.

Stay tuned.

Professor Griffin